We’re excited to announce that we’ve launched an Essential version of Gitalytics. This is a 100% free plan with some of our most popular reports and features. Why did we decide to create a free plan?

Because we believe every team of every size should be able to have better visibility on software development processes and to be able to make more data-driven, objective decisions.

For too long, deep dive metrics for software development teams were reserved for companies with full-time data analysts, and a matching tech stack, or for teams large enough to have an enterprise-level software (which we also support). We want to support the individuals who want to see their work patterns for a passion project, the startup with three developers trying to build a car while driving down the highway, and large teams who are looking to dip their toes into analytics.

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We hope you try Gitalytics out and join us in creating a better work environment for software engineers through proactive enablement, better processes, and fewer headaches due to surprises.

The Plan:


The Essential plan includes integrations with either GitHub Cloud, GitLab Cloud, or Bitbucket Cloud. All plan types include Slack integration.


The Essential plan includes one repository. If you need more space, consider trialing our Growth plan.

Data Lookback Restrictions:

You can see your data from the last 2 weeks. If you need to see more, please get in touch with us at contact@gitalytics.com.


We’ve included some of our most popular reports and resources in the essential plan. For launch, these include:

Activities: Review activity patterns and abnormalities across teams, individuals, repos & more.

  • Commits
  • Throughput
  • Code Volume
  • Churn
  • Work Hours
  • Work Days
Churned Report

Pull Requests: Get visibility and data on your Pull Request process across repos, teams, and time. Catch merge strategy breakdowns and delays before it causes issues.

  • Performance summary
  • PR timeline
  • Open PRs
  • Abandoned PRs
  • PR size
  • PR volume
PR Timeline Summary

Custom Alerts: Customizable Alerts allow for pro-activity with metrics, without constantly being in the platform. Get real-time notifications in Slack with our integration.

  • PR participants
  • PR inactivity
  • PR waiting for review
  • PR review cycles
  • PR age
  • PR size
  • PR comments
  • PR commenters
An illustration of our Slack alerts

Custom Events: Make decisions based on context and key events, not just on data. Custom events highlight when the environment, process changes, or other factors impact software engineering output.

  • Categories
  • Individual analysis
  • Repository analysis
Custom Events

Where can I sign up?

Straight through our website at https://gitalytics.com/pricing/

A bit more about us:

Gitalytics was founded in 2017 with the idea that software developers couldn’t be supported effectively for some of their most vital processes. We saw a frustration with developers not having the data behind why they follow certain processes, software managers only finding out breakdowns when there were significant consequences, and teams not getting the resources they needed because they couldn’t communicate with hard data.

We sought out a way to help software development teams and leaders with these problems. What we have found is that these problems boil down to a lack of visibility and easy to understand metrics on the software development process. We chose to focus on the metadata stored in Git Repositories because it’s one of the most vital pieces of the development process that had the least amount of visibility. Git Repositories store thousands of disparate data points, but they are not available to be pulled and analyzed readily. We decided to change this, and Gitalytics was born. We have now helped over 20,000 software developers to have more productive workdays.

Sign-up here, straight through our website at https://gitalytics.com/pricing/.

We’re excited to have you and your team join us in the journey to creating healthier software development teams, and if you ever have any questions please reach out via contact@gitalytics.com or our website.