Open source repos from anywhere can be analysed in Gitalytics, as long as it's in GitHub, GitLab, or Bitbucket cloud. We're starting a new series where we share interesting open source repo data as analyzed by Gitalytics.

The first image of a black-hole is kind of a really big deal, and the world responded accordingly when it was announced. But there was a lot of work put into different elements to make that image, including software development. Here are the metrics, generated through Gitalytics, from the past year of software development from the MIT team, found at

Please note, that we've purposely excluded any metrics for individual computer scientists, to focus on the team's accomplishments. The image has also been over 10 years in the making, so this is just a small snippet of the journey and effort.

Commit Volume Over Time
Amount of Churned Code
New and Refactored Code Created
Total LOC Committed
Repo Activity Hours (Centralized)
Repo Activity Days (Centralized)
Time Card Across Weeks
What Type of Work is Being Created
Cohort Analysis Over Time
What Technologies / Languages Make Up the Codebase
How Files Are Changing Over Time

We hope you found this as interesting as we did! If you're interested in having these metrics (and a lot more) for your team, check out Gitalytics. Free, Mid-Tier, and Enterprise plans available.