You have metrics, yet no clear path to action. Armed with developer analytics, what changes can you make today?

We're excited to show you. Welcome to the Dashboard with Health Score, Action Items and Goals, all designed for you to make effective data-driven decisions.


Your homepage in Gitalytics is now the new dashboard. This is where you make data-driven decisions. In addition to surfacing our most popular metrics in one place, the dashboard combines Health Score, Goals and Action Items to deliver truly actionable insights.

Health Score

Health meter.

Get an instant pulse on your codebase with the Health Score.

The Health Score tracks 9 key metrics against industry best practices to measure your code’s wellbeing. In ten seconds or less you can be confident that things are on track or know exactly what needs attention.


Goals are the key objectives for your organization or project. They underpin the Health Score and can be customized to fit your unique codebase.

You can set the thresholds for Goals in Settings and see them as dotted lines in charts like Efficiency and Time to Review.

Start with our recommended values and see what you’ve accomplished so far.

Goal line in Efficiency chart.

Action Items

Action items feed.

Know what to do based on data. The Action Items engine makes suggestions based on trends in your codebase.

Determined by research and industry best practices, the engine surfaces proven tips to improve your codebase at the right time.