One of the most enriching places to be an active member of as a project manager working with software engineers is an online tech community. Having the ability to keep in the loop with fast-evolving technology and work remotely, staying in touch on the go means you have the freedom and easy access you need to grow and excel in your role. We've compiled a list of the best communities for project managers working with software engineers to take part in. These fantastic communities will help you to refine skills, stay up to date and remain connected in this fast-moving industry.

Stack Overflow

The largest online software community, Stack Overflow allows quick and easy searching through countless questions and answers to assist you in finding out what you need to know to tackle a sticky situation. With Q&A's ranging from computer programming and solutions to algorithms spanning across different software programs, you will be sure to find the information you need or put for your query to the wide community of software engineers. Categories are organized via tags to create a streamlined searching experience. Interact with other professionals in the software engineering community and see what you can learn from sharing with your peers.The Stack Overflow community can be found here.

Google Developers

Google Developers was created by Google as a way to provide access to software development tools. By making use of some of Google’s products like Google maps and Google Apps, members of Google Developers can build software programs through this platform. There is also discussion groups and blogs where you can get the latest tips and advice in the realm of software engineering. As a project manager, you can really benefit from the information being shared here as you will find information on the latest in responsible practices, local meetup groups for software engineering community building, online conferences and how others have overcome roadblocks in their software engineering experiences.Visit Google Developers to find out more.


This collection of online communities caters to all aspects of software development, IT, and project management industry. With four main communities under the TechWell umbrella, each separate community provides forums dedicated to specific aspects of the industry. shares insights and experiences thoughtfully described and shared by fellow professionals. Stories are added each weekday, bringing you the latest news in software development, project management, agile methodologies, business analysis, DevOps, configuration management and testing. share knowledge with posts about test tools, test process improvement, test automation, agile testing, and test management. A Q&A section and free access to the Better Software Magazine Archive, along with access to presentations from past SQE conferences can all be found here. focuses on software configuration management professionals and application lifestyle management (ALM). Providing answers to conundrums in the field on their Q&A page, interviews, presentations, and how-to articles, CMCCrossroads is the go-to arena for version control, change management, configuration management, release management, agile ALM and build engineering. With more than 10 years under their belt, this community is tried and tested, with the know-how you can rely on. is the newest addition to the TechWell family, covering everything you need to know about Agile. Project managers and software engineers alike can make use of this online community to gain information about Agile planning, Scrum, servant leadership, DevOps, Agile transitions, Agile methods, test-driven development, enterprise Agile development, Lean/Kanban and much more.With four streams of focused information, the TechWell community is a wonderland of project management and software engineering information.


This Version Control Tool is used to manage different versions of an app your team of software engineers is working on, to back it up and improve on the code. It is also a rich source of world-renowned coding apps that you can delve into and use. The GitHub online community is a place where your software engineering team can build apps, remotely connecting with each other and other software developers. As a project manager, you can oversee the work and review it all in one convenient online space. Discover all the GitHub community has to offer you.

LinkedIn Project Manager Communities

Linkedin is a veritable playground for project managers. With groups for every kind of project manager out there, it has opened up the opportunity for users to create spaces to come together and discuss all aspects of their specified industries and roles within them. Among them are some real gems:

Scrum Practitioners is the original group for Scrum Practitioners to come together. Anyone in the software engineering industry actively practicing the Scrum Agile product development framework are invited to join and take part, no matter the level of certification or experience. The Scrum Practitioners group is a place created to help support and provide knowledge and implementation of Agile and Scrum. Project managers can get involved in communication here, sharing and receiving information to propel your team and their project.

Project Management 2.0 is a community of over 20,000 project managers sharing ideas, experiences and new information on how to bring further efficiency to modern project management. Find out about new approaches to project management, learn about different certifications available and find links to exciting, new innovations in project management.

Slack Groups

Most software engineering teams are now using Slack, but don't ignore it for learning from outside your organization.

Regional GitHub Slack channels are a great source of knowledge, networking, and new work opportunities.

Techmasters covers business, organizational development, devops and a tonne of other topics, with over 800 participants.

The Digital Project Manager group has a completely open Slack channel, so you don't have to wait to start gaining the benefits of this Slack group.

No matter which of these communities you choose to join, you are sure to benefit from the interactions and information you will find there. Take your software engineering team further by becoming a more informed and efficient project manager.